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Network Wellness Care

Welcome to Network Wellness Chiropractic Care,

the premiere SoHo chiropractic doctors office that is focused on YOU utilising Network Spinal Analysis. While following our program you will Discover, Transform, Awaken and Integrate your bodymind and your life. During this process pain and dysfunction are eliminated and replaced with neural integrity, stability and flexibility. Current and past problems are integrated and your bodily systems are strengthened to create a healthy you.

When there is stress, tension or instability within your nervous system dysfunction/disease may show up as:

- a reduction in range of motion
- certain areas being more prone to injuries (again and again)
- auto immune disease
- disc herniations
- systemic or local inflammation
- digestive problems
- low back pain
- pelvic pain
- shoulder and arm pain
- emotional instability
- mental fog

80 percent of doctors visits are for stress related disorders.  In this office we know that stress comes in three forms- chemical, emotional and physical stress. At Network Wellness Care we approach your mindbody in an honoring and effective way.  You will learn to utilize and reorganize each type of stress for a healthier more gratifying life. We use gentle touch chiropractic, breathing/moving exercises and coaching.

Love, light and gratitude

​Dr. Suzanne McBride
Agent of Change
D.C. NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) advanced L.M.T.

580 Broadway Suite 403
​New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212.334.3395
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